Athletic and eco-friendly: SMZ’s staff bikes some 90 miles every day

September 4, 2013

Many roads lead to Berlin Adlershof: Three buses, two streetcars and one train take researchers, developers and students each morning to Europe’s most state-of-the-art and innovative science and media hub. Members of SMZ’s staff, on the other hand, travel to work in a refreshing and remarkable way. Here’s a snapshot of their commute.


Arriving at half-past eight, Stephan Müller-Ziebur is the first person at the SMZ office. By this time he has already travelled 10 miles on his bike. The next to arrive is Stephan Leuendorff, who cycles 15 miles from north Berlin and also jogs for an hour before work on sunny days. However, the German duathlon champion is not an exception at SMZ: developers Marcus Thormählen and H.C.L. Barz also ride their bikes into SMZ’s underground bicycle parking lot each morning. Marcus puts in nearly 11 miles on his bike commute and H.C.L. almost 9 miles. In the Center for IT and Media III showers are available so that everyone can freshen up before starting to work.

Stephan L. is hardly surprised that half of the SMZ team forgoes driving and prefers using their own energy to travel to work: “I use the time spent on the bike to relax physically and mentally. Tuning out this way also helps me to be more productive in the office.” H.C.L. takes a similar view, seeing “biking to work as a necessary balance to sitting at the desk” and as something that he couldn’t imagine living without. Managing Partner Müller-Ziebur is thrilled to have such a dynamic team and emphasizes the importance of sustainability: “As a sustainable company, we not only implement solutions that deliver long-lasting success – we also want to do something for the environment.”

Altogether, the SMZ team covers some 90 miles on their bikes every work day. In a year, this amounts to more than one trip around the Earth’s equator.