Combined Social Learning Expertise – Pokeshot///SMZ and AVILOX launch new Partnership

December 10, 2014

Will Leipzig become the new Berlin? It’s too soon to be sure, but one thing is certain: the newly formed partnership between the AviloX and Pokeshot///SMZ – based in Leipzig and Berlin respectively – makes plenty of sense. That’s because the two firms complement each other extremely well when it comes to social learning, staff development and application design and are excited about offering their joint portfolio of services in these specific areas. Pokeshot///SMZ provides its clients with technology consulting services as well as assistance with solving HR challenges through its social learning add-on Pokeshot///SmarterPath (, while AviloX focuses on services that range from creating holistic designs to establishing modern staff development programs. Together they have a deep understanding for the planning, implementation and iteration of innovative solutions for today’s staff development environment.


What can clients expect from a consulting project? Let’s ask the experts at Pokeshot///SMZ and AviloX – Sandra Brückner and Regina Köhler.

“We begin by giving our clients an idea what is possible in staff development today and identifying what benefits they will gain by introducing these new approaches into their own company or organization,” says Sandra Brückner of Pokeshot///SMZ. “For us, it’s important that they receive an overview of use cases and best practices. We then work closely with them to develop a vision and goals for their HR processes as well as use cases that fit their individual situation,” explains Brückner.

“Use cases addressing today’s HR challenges are not only about rolling out a learning management system,” points out Regina Köhler of AviloX. “They also require companies to offer their employees development opportunities that combine traditional classroom learning with e-learning and community tools. Most employees today want learning programs that they can access when and where it suits them best (e.g., on the go and on demand) and that they don’t have to squeeze into predefined learning units held two or three times a year. We show our clients where they can implement and integrate these particular approaches in present-day use cases,” says Köhler.

Regardless of what technology has already been implemented, the partnership between Pokeshot///SMZ and AviloX will enable joint strategies to be devised for leading-edge development programs that take into account both human and technological factors.

“A crucial aspect that shouldn’t be neglected is the transition from personnel development to community management. That’s a real challenge that every company faces,” continues Köhler. Brückner also adds: “We look forward to meeting this and other challenges in close collaboration with our clients while also formulating ideas and finding solutions for their staff development initiatives.”
You can experience the advantages of combined social learning expertise live in the thought-provoking workshop “Social Learning – From Traditional Continuing Education Programs to Networked Learning Organizations.”

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About AviloX:

Based in Leipzig, the city of change, AviloX helps organizations in making the necessary adjustments to create a modern workplace environment. Whether it’s the introduction of social collaboration, knowledge management, open innovation, industry 4.0 or social learning, when modern Web 2.0 tools and technologies fundamentally change the way your employees work, you need an experienced partner to manage the associated organizational and cultural change and guide you through the transition. And that’s precisely the expertise that AviloX brings to bear for the benefit of its clients.


 The expert in the field is Regina Köhler, managing director of AviloX and a seasoned organizational developer. With extensive experience in providing strategic consulting services to HR departments and company executives, her strength lies in helping clients transform modern ideas and impulses into targeted, actionable strategies and in providing implementation guidance and support. She has a particular specialization in organizational change processes, which encompasses shifts in roles and responsibilities, the entry of new leadership and cultural change – thus ensuring that organizations pursuing modern staff development solutions move from being just a provider of traditional training courses to becoming a true learning organization.

About the author:

Sandra Brückner, who studied business informatics at the Technical University of Dresden, has worked as social business consultant since 2012. She joined the Berlin-based social business consultancy and technology provider Pokeshot///SMZ in the beginning of 2014, where she leverages her extensive intranet and community expertise to consult organizations on how to optimize their change management and community management processes. She is also responsible for the fields of social learning and consulting of the innovative social learning product SmarterPath.