Don’t just think practically – be practical too

December 16, 2013

Companies are faced with numerous challenges in today’s complex business environment. But how should they best go about solving them? It’s important that they first think in terms of concrete use cases, instead of product and tools, and identify the best solution for their particular business challenge before even considering which technology or application to use. Our approach enables companies to target specific parts of their daily workflows and helps them create solutions that get the best results from social business technologies in the following areas:

Bring your employees on board quickly, train them to perform better and keep them engaged with your company.

External Facing Communities
Get in touch with your customers and partners and engage them with your brand – but make sure you to listen carefully to them.

Communication & Collaboration
Empower your workforce and your partners to communicate and collaborate in the best possible way.

Content Distribution & Integration
Need to integrate external tools or distribute your content? That’s not a problem anymore.

If you want to find out more, simply get in touch with us and let’s start a conversation. We’d also be happy to hear your feedback. Also take a look at some common use cases that we have identified and ask yourself if you are faced with the same challenge.
About the author

Patrick Fähling graduated with a master’s degree in business informatics at the beginning of 2013 and then spent a half-year-long stint working as a social business consultant at a large digital solutions agency in the UK. He has returned to Berlin to strengthen the Pokeshot///SMZ team as a Junior Consultant for Social Business Strategy.