December 15, 2017


Global markets constantly change. Companies seek to handle information overload and subsidaries and teams working together with Social Intranets. But what happens, if language is the barrier? Pokeshots Prime Program is the solution. Up your ROI for your social intranet in 2018 by combining multiple products to receive a special price.


Connecting Employees Across Continents and Cultures

It’s not collaboration if you’re separating your groups and places by language. Make your workplace truly international with Multi-Language Content and Automated Translation so your employees can engage with each other in whichever language they prefer. Add the UI-Editor to easily manage UI text, edit labels and interface elements on the frontend to stay on top of different language versions.


Light the Way

Furthermore many companies fail to realise the adoption rates they hope to see for their social intranets and costly new productivity tools because employees don’t know how to use them, or simply don’t want to learn. SmarterPath guides your employees through new processes while utilising multiple-language versions of documents, blogs or discussions that are easily embedded into a course or Path. Combine SmarterPath and our Translation Management suite so no one is in the dark.

The Pokeshot Prime Program targets multiple challanges for international companies – leverage the program to activate your community and save some of your company’s budget for more important things, like a pizza party or a raise!


Marisa Llamas
Customer Success Consultant

Marisa joined Pokeshot in September 2017 to support the sales team. Her main activities include: expanding Pokeshot’s footprint in the Jive community, promoting SmarterPath in the German market and creating demand with new customers in Europe. Before Marisa joined Pokeshot, she completed her studies at UC San Diego focusing on Visual Arts and Management Science. Outside of the office, you can find Marisa performing weekly in improvisational theatre groups and occasionally as a stand-up comedian.




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