NEW – Jive 7 Features Overview

November 11, 2013

After bringing innovation and further development of existing features together Jive announced a couple of brilliant features and improvements at the JiveWorld2013. Jive 7 will be released for Jive Cloud first and will be available as an on-premise solution by the end of the year. We took a closer look at those features to give you a brief overview on what’s new:

Updated Profiles, with expertise
Now you can take more ownership on your profile. Furthermore Jive profiles help to identify and connect to experts very fast.

Mobile 3 is coming
• Universal iOS native app for iPhone and iPad
• Significant improvements for Mobile Web
• Advancements in architecture & security

Impact Metrics: Key Insights into Communications
You want to make your metrics public for others? No problem with the improved impact metrics. You can also track the data in real-time and in hourly view as well as filter by department to see if your messages reach the right people or take steps to improve the results.

Jive Business Analytics
With Jive Business Analytics (JBA) it is possible to provide community managers and executives with real-made reports which highlight where improvements can be made on your platform. JBA uses innovative classification to group your employees in terms of their behaviour.

Jive for Office, Outlook & SharePoint
Jive added new functionality to enable you to track actions of your documents, take action on content directly from Outlook and connect SharePoint to Jive Projects. These connectors will make your daily work way easier.

Video is getting a Facelift
The Jive Video Player and the Video Creator got a new interface. Jive made some effort to improve the performance of uploading and playing back videos, also in HD.

New Analytics Service
Jive wanted to make it easy to get the data you need. Now you don’t need to be a BI tool specialist. Jive makes your life easier with a standardized access to our API and eventual templates built by Jive and their partners.

Improved Purposeful Places
Jive put some effort into this feature to make it better. You all know Purposeful Places from Jive 6 but there are some new things within Jive 7. Jive introduced new templates and tiles. If custom tiles are not locked it allows users to create one instance of a tile across multiple places.

Producteev – The new way to manage tasks in Jive
With Producteev Jive replaced their traditional tasks. It is now possible to associate tasks with any space, group or project. Furthermore it is no longer necessary to switch the context because of the option to create inline tasks in content and comments. Access tasks everywhere- Jive, web, mobile and even dedicated desktop apps.

Real Time Communication
Jive is introducing real time interactive capabilities to users. Presence, status, instant 1:1 chats, persistent 1:1 conversations, group conversations as well as chat rooms are now available.

Improved Search
Jive’s intelligent search engine is now weighting content based on the actions of users. Content is sorted by search relevancy, Objects marked as “Outdated” get ranked lower as objects marked differently get ranked higher.

External Storage Framework
Let you easily build an integration that will connect Jive to your document storage while working and collaborating in Jive while leveraging your External Storage Provider as the place where all documents are stored.

New Structured Outcomes
This feature allows you to mark a discussion with easy flags that show the status of a conversation and extends to include more options to mark content as “Official”, “Outdated” and “Success”.

If you’d like to know more, then have a look at our Pokeshot///SMZ Group or see the Slideshare presentation: Jive 7 Feature Overview