SMZ Is Now Jive Consulting and Professional Service Partner

April 22, 2013

SMZ announced today that it officially became a Jive Consulting and Professional Partner as of April 2013. This partnership will enable SMZ to consolidate its position as one of the leading providers of Jive services and support in Europe as well as to better serve its clients.

The agreement allows Berlin-based SMZ to convert and deepen our existing solution provider cooperation with Jive into an official consulting partnership. The continuation of our successful collaboration underlines our position of excellence in Jive Software technology. With our technical know-how and the launch of our new Social Business Consulting unit, we will now be able provide our clients with even better and more comprehensive Jive support. The mutual understanding and trust that led to the creation of this partnership was built up over the course of implementing multiple and complex Jive projects.

What’s more, our new status as a Jive Professional Service Partner makes it possible for us to support our clients with professional services on behalf of Jive, which includes consulting, software development and further services. This partnership is also a testament to our outstanding position and extensive expertise in Jive Software technology.

This new agreement with Jive also represents an important step in becoming a strategic partner for our clients. Together with the offerings of our joint venture SMZ Pokeshot Technologies, we are now in a position to support our customers with the end-to-end implementation of Jive Software technology. We are looking forward to a successful partnership with Jive and the many benefits it will bring to our clients.
As a leading social business consultancy and technology provider, SMZ can help your organization get the best results from social business technologies. Contact us to find out more.