Jive Summer Release: Jive Cloud and JiveX Cloud at a glance

August 18, 2014

It’s summertime and Jive Software is announcing another highlight for 2014. The Jive Summer Release of Jive Cloud and JiveX Cloud will go live at the end of August. We’re a Jive Partner so we naturally want to keep our customers up to date on these innovations from the Jive roadmap. Read on for a feature summary of the Jive Summer Release.

Jive at a glance

Jive Software is bringing an old feature back to the platform to enable you to stay in control of your network. A new personalized page called Your View adds new tiles for grouping, categorizing and sharing content that make navigation and finding information more intuitive than ever before.

Making the interface more intuitive was also the reason for the new place pages,which were only available in a beta version in the Jive Spring Release. They now have full functionality in this standard version. There are a number of new tiles you can use too.

One completely new feature is the option to make content available in multiple places. So now you can keep a document up to date without having to update every single copy, like you used to have to do.

And remember how you used to only be able to categorize content? This gave users the ability to easily filter relevant content. Now you can categorize social groups and spaces too.

Jive Present has undergone some changes as well. It’s now compatible with Jive 7.0.x+ and available as an iPhone app. It provides the same user experience no matter whether you’re using a tablet, an iPhone or a laptop. Calendar integration is standard too, so you’ll be able to manage your meeting, notes and contacts directly from the app.

Several months ago Jive Software announced a partnership with Cisco , and now they supplementing Jive’s native chat with Cisco WebEx and Jabber integration. This increases your productivity and reduces redundant content because it enables you to work on content right in Jive.

Customers who use SharePoint along with the Jive SharePoint Connector Plugin can look forward to several new features that simplify SharePoint implementation and reduce their administrative burden.

To start, it has an enhanced design and user experience thanks to improvements to the inbox, the rich text editor and banner management for places. They also worked on giving you a more responsive design to meet your viewing needs, whatever the device.


JiveX at a glance:

The JiveX Summer Release is also getting new functionality over and above those features described above (place pages, making content available in multiple places, categorization of places and design improvements).

The CRM Connector has got some important new functionality. You can already create support cases directly from the Jive UI. Now you will also be able to track these cases and their status from a customer’s point of view. Not only that, these cases will now be displayed in your CRM, and you can search for Jive content in your CRM too.

In addition, Jive Software will provide new community manager reports for gaining more insight into how the community is being used. This will include things like views of answered questions and top users by content created. This makes it easier to keep track of key users and community activity.

Jive’s optimized Resonata Influencer Insights adds new influence rankings. Examples include analytics reports showing top influencers, influence traits and top threads by influence.

Here at Pokeshot///SMZ, we’re looking forward to how customers of Jive Software respond to these new features. If you have questions or feedback about the Jive Summer Release and the features from the Jive roadmap, feel free to contact us via our Jive Partner area in the Jive Community.

About the author

Patrick Fähling graduated with a master’s degree in business informatics at the beginning of 2013 and then spent a half-year-long stint working as a social business consultant at a large digital solutions agency in the UK. He has returned to Berlin to strengthen the Pokeshot///SMZ team as a Junior Consultant for Social Business Strategy.