Jive Fall Cloud Release Enables Employees, Customers and Partners to Work Better Together

November 21, 2014

Jive’s current motto “#workbettertogether” also aptly applies to the new features in its Fall cloud release. It’s all about adapting the Jive environment to people’s preferred way of working and empowering them to work better together through intuitive, visually appealing experiences – whether it’s on the Jive enterprise communications and collaboration platform or the JiveX external community platform. Barely a month after JiveWorld14, Jive is now introducing the much-awaited quarterly upgrades to these two platforms. The new enhancements offered by the Fall cloud release will help people and organizations raise their productivity, innovation and creativity to a higher level. See for yourself!

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Jive Cloud and JiveX Cloud at a glance
Along with “#workbettertogether,” Jive is also communicating its enhancements and extensions under the heading “Embracing your #workstyle.” This comes from Jive’s efforts to find new ways to boost productivity and from the ongoing implementation of its mobile strategy. The evolution away from widgets to ever-improving tiles continues, with the Fall Cloud Release introducing the following new tiles:

  • Ask a question
  • Answered questions
  • Unanswered questions

But it’s not only the display of questions that helps; insights into how useful content is, especially in the case of the most helpful replies to questions, highlight the value of answers. It is precisely this Q&A workflow that the Jive Fall cloud release simplifies. It is now possible to inform users with a single click whether the answer was helpful or not. In addition, community managers are given additional support through new automated features. This especially helps when questions remain unanswered although the right answer was already submitted but not marked as such. Jive has decided to introduce the “Auto Answer” feature for this use case, which will automatically label a question as answered as soon as community members provide a predefined number of “helpful” answers. What’s more, it’s now possible to mark a question with “I have the same question.” This is intended to cut down on the number of redundant questions and highlight the relevance of the particular question.

Based on the new tiles and the insights into content quality, the upgrade also introduces new community manager reports that provide data on this use case, among others, and thus help to quantify ROI. New types of reports include:

  • Who viewed answered questions?
  • Users marking questions helpful and correct

Both native apps for iOS and Android have also been enhanced. The Jive iOS app now has better support for custom single sign-on implementations and offers better handling of long comment threads, while also featuring a new design that provides an easier way to consume content and pictures. The Jive Android app now features announcement viewing and the ability for people to follow the content, people and places most important to them.

The Fall cloud release, like previous upgrades, also provides platform optimizations and extended functionality. In addition to the Antivirus Extension, this includes an improved theming tool that allow users to save images, among other elements, in the application and display them in the right scale. This simplifies and enhances branding in the Jive or JiveX cloud version. What’s more, using the theming tool, international communities are better supported by making it possible to easily change the language of the tool bar, for example. Also new are extended impact metrics, a new search architecture and increased performance.


In addition, the upgrade revolutionizes the traditional activity stream. It pushes content, people and places that are identified as top and trending based on users’ activities across the entire platform. It previously showed only content from the last several minutes, but now presents important and interesting content from the last several hours/days at a glance. These changes benefit the following user groups:

  • New users visiting the platform easily and quickly find out what content is being discussed and worked on the most.
  • Users who don’t visit the platform on a regular basis have a convenient overview of what happened since their last visit.
  • Power users are given the choice of creating and using their own activity stream or using the new activity stream to see if their content is already top and trending.


This UX revolution not only includes an overhaul of the activity stream; all icons, in use for four years already, were also redesigned.

Like in every cloud release, there are some features that specifically enhance either the Jive enterprise communications and collaboration platform or the JiveX external community platform. Here are details on the individual upgrades:


As mentioned earlier, Jive is about empowering people to work how they want to work. The new integrations with Office 365 and Google Docs are a big part of that. Similar to the already existing Jive Connectors for Outlook and Office, the new Office 365 Connectors bring relevant Jive content and conversations into Outlook email threads for seamless reference, and allows people to directly reply from the device and operating system of their choice. This eliminates the hurdles users previously had to deal with when working with both on-premise and cloud versions. The Jive Connector for Sharepoint Online/OneDrive for Business will be made available in two parts. The first part (Q4 2014) is the integration with OneDrive that enables documents to be stored there and made available within Jive. The second part for Office 365 sites will be introduced at the beginning of 2015. In previous releases, features and functions from the Google universe were integrated in Jive, such as the popular Jive Connector for Gmail and Jive Connector for Google Drive. With this release, Jive has extended its integration with Google to encompass Google Docs, enabling users to experience the look and feel of Google Docs directly within the Jive world. Multiple editors can work simultaneously on the same document and sync comments – within Jive or via Google Drive. Additionally, a Google Doc can be created within Jive, eliminating the need to download a document or navigate to an external system.


New role badges provide a visual cue of a user’s role, such as community administrators, moderators, experts, and champions, thus enabling other users to quickly identify them. The badge also comes with a text that gives information about the role.

In response to user feedback, Jive has decided to enable admins to manage Structured Outcomes. They can now enable or disable these in JiveX. The goal is to move users of externally-facing communities away from task-oriented actions to a knowledge base-centered approach.

As a Jive Partner, we hope that the new features offered in the Jive Fall cloud release will help your company or organization work better together with employees, customers and partners. Should you have any questions or feedback, or need more detailed information about specific enhancements in the Fall cloud release, fee free to contact us.

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