New white paper “The Community Lifecycle – Four Phases and One Penguin”

September 23, 2014

What do a penguin and a community manager have in common? Certainly more than you think! In Pokeshot///SMZ’s latest white paper you’ll learn about the different phases of the community lifecycle and the experiences of John, the Penguin Community Manager, as he builds up and manages his customer water community. inception

All communities (with a few exceptions) pass through a community lifecycle that consists of the same phases: Inception – Establishment – Maturity – Mitosis. Yet community managers’ tasks can vary considerably from phase to phase. Our white paper will reveal the components of the individual phases and how you can adjust your activities accordingly. Learn the most common mistakes customer community managers make, plus experience the penguin effect from a new perspective.

This white paper is not only a valuable resource for customer community managers, but also provides community moderators, community owners and interested laypersons with a good overview of a customer community’s phases and the different tasks involved in each of these.


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Should you have any questions about the community lifecycle or a customer community manager’s activities, or if you are in the process of building up your own customer community, get in touch us. The community experts at Pokeshot///SMZ will be glad to advise you on what’s best for your community.

About the author:


Sandra Brückner, who studied business informatics at the Technical University of Dresden, has worked as social business consultant since 2012. She recently joined the Berlin-based social business consultancy and technology provider Pokeshot///SMZ, where she leverages her extensive intranet and community expertise to consult organizations on how to optimize their change management and community management processes.