Multi-Platform Strategy for SmarterPath – What does that mean?

August 25, 2017

As you may know SmarterPath has changed and improved in recent years. New functionalities have been implemented in order to meet the needs of even more use cases. For example, usability in a new redesign.

In order to be able to offer even more benefits of SmarterPath, at the end of 2016 Pokeshot decided to develop SmarterPath also for other platforms. In spring 2017 we started with the implementation for Microsoft Office365, which will be completed by Q4/2017. Another platform after the Microsoft Office365 implementation is already planned.


What is SmarterPath’s multi-platform strategy?

SmarterPath, as well as for Jive, is offered as a SaaS product and will be developed continuously for all platforms in parallel. That means the following benefits for our existing customers:

  • Freedom of choice with respect to the collaboration tool
  • Continuous development of SmarterPath for Jive, O365, …)
  • New features are Implemented for all platforms
  • Expanding international partner network will allow us to offer specific services at additional locations

Pokeshot wants to release an expanded roadmap for SmarterPath 2018 for Jive in early Q4. At this time the following features can be expected in 2018:

  • Enablement Journey: We will integrate this more prominently into SmarterPath and make it more attractive
  • Survey: There will be a path in a path. This gives our customers the opportunity to ask questions or opinions before or after completing the path.
  • Prerequisites: Paths may be related to one another. For example, Path B can not be started.
  • Revised quizOptions and reporting
  • User Experience: The SmarterPath Home page will be redesigned and greatly simplified.

For more product-related information you can take a look at our current roadmap or our place in the Jive Community .


SmarterPath "Home" area - designchanges in 2018
SmarterPath “Home” area – designchanges in 2018


If you have any questions about SmarterPath’s multi-platform strategy or other products / services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Sandra Brückner
CPO Pokeshot

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