Four new team members and a new CTO

November 30, 2015

Pokeshot is very pleased to announce the addition of four new employees: Sadjad, Rafal, Yaroslav, and James have brought new energy and talents to our software development team since September. The new hires are a response to the rapidly growing social business market, and will enable us to better meet the consistently high demand for our services and products.

Sadjad is a highly sought .NET developer and will be mainly responsible for expanding the capabilities of our social learning management tool SmarterPath. He studied computer science in Malaysia (Stanford University) and is very much looking forward to tackling the challenges offered by his new position in Germany. Already during his studies he was impressed by the work performed by German software developers, particularly their precise source code.

Rafal is a Java developer with 14 years’ experience working with scalable SAAS and ASP solutions. His work at Pokeshot will concentrate on further developing our products, such as making improvements to our SMZ Multidoc Plugin/Add-on. Outside of work, Rafal enjoys cycling and photography. For him, social business is an exciting topic because it helps boost company performance across the board.

Yaroslav is also a Java developer and will devote his efforts to products such as the Sametime Plugin/Add-on and the Lotus Notes Connector. He studied computer science in Ukraine and at the Technical University in Berlin. In his free time, he likes to ride motorcycles and play basketball. What fascinates him about social business is seeing how a plugin/add-on you built yourself brings together lots of people as well as how they benefit from its features and functionalities.

James completed an internship with us last year as part of his computer science studies and has now returned to Berlin from Glasgow to rejoin our team. In his role as a Java developer, he will focus on test development, quality assurance, and release management. James learns German in his free time and enjoys living in a city where it rarely rains.

But that’s not all on the staff front: In September we appointed Marcus Thormählen as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). After a successful stint as a senior systems engineer at Pokeshot, he will now serve as the technical director of our software development unit. A strong commitment to the company’s ongoing success and versatile expertise in the field of software development are what have distinguished Marcus during his tenure with us. He brings the ideal skill set to better organize the software development team and to promote greater collaboration in development projects.

As a result of the growing market, we plan to further enlarge our staff in 2016. Interested applicants will find current information on employment opportunities on our website and on our careers page. It’s definitely worth taking a look!