SMZ/Pokeshot presents a new way of Social Learning: Pokeshot///SmarterPath

August 12, 2013

At JiveWorld 13 SMZ/Pokeshot will be presenting our newest solution for social learning management: Pokeshot///SmarterPath. 

Traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) haven’t kept up with the social business paradigm that platforms like Jive ushered in. They are focused mainly on the “management” part, resulting in being a tool that people visit once or twice a year. Alternatively they implement their own social elements, diminishing your investment in Jive.

Pokeshot///SmarterPath embeds Social Learning directly into the Jive user experience. Training creators can leverage content directly from Jive as well as quizzes, HD video and online trainings to build their courses. Participants can progress throught their trainings while they work in Jive, and use the familiar Jive functionalities to collaborate with their peers.

The most important facts for Pokeshot///SmarterPath:

  • Learning Management directly embedded into the Jive user experience
  • Leverage Jive content, videos or interactive online courses to build trainings and learning paths
  • Full support for SCORM compliant trainings and reporting
  • Connect trainings to Jive social groups for collaborative learning

Check it out on the JIVE !Apps Market