Partner Enablement

For your business it is imperative:

  • to generate maximum ROI for your investment in indirect sales
  • increase product reach
  • support the performance of your partners
  • increase customer satisfaction

With our solution, we ensure that your partners::

  • are empowered faster (Onboarding)
  • are easily trained and certified (Learning-Management)
  • are up to date with the latest knowledge about your product, e.g. through campaigns, and that this can be proven and reported (Knowledge-Management)
  • can find and access new products, services or changes easily and quickly (Enterprise Search)

    It is a challenge that:

    • you need to keep partners up to date on your products.
    • product knowledge is always and constantly changing.
    • information is stored in many different systems and channels and are difficult to access.
    • a lot of time and effort is lost searching for relevant information.
    • Learning Management Systems (LMS) are complicated, offer too many functionalities and are very complex to use.

    For your company this means:

    • faster expansion and scalability of the indirect sales channel
    • cost savings for onboarding and training of partners
    • more sales growth through partners in the medium and long term

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