Pokeshot///SmarterPath and Translation Manager Releases Feb. ’14

February 28, 2014

Pokeshot///SMZ is pleased to announce the new releases of our Jive add-ons Pokeshot///SmarterPath and Translation Manager. After putting a considerable amount of time and energy into the development of additional features, we are excited to tell you what’s in store for you.



As some of you remember, we launched the social LMS add-on Pokeshot///SmarterPath last year and won the “Jive Extend” Award on the strength of this innovative application. The rationale for creating this app was that traditional LMSs, which are completely disconnected from where work is getting done, are not the application of choice for either employees or for trainers. Our Pokeshot///SmarterPath solution embeds social learning directly in the Jive user experience. Instructors can leverage content directly from Jive to build their courses. And participants can progress through learning paths while working in Jive, using familiar Jive features to collaborate with peers. Now we have released a more advanced version of Pokeshot///SmarterPath with several new features that will boost the impact of social learning in your Jive environment.

We’ve added helpful new functionalities like “Community action: Follow person”, which enables learners to easily connect with subject matter experts, and “Community action: Follow place”, which allows learners to be asked to join a social group within Jive as part of a training. Also new is the exam builder feature that lets trainers easily build exams and quizzes using true/false, multiple choice, multiple response and fill-in-the-blank questions. This powerful tool also generates reports like the answer breakdown report, which will also be available for SCORM-based eLearning trainings.


What’s more, Jive 7 is fully supported, which means Pokeshot///SmarterPath is now available as a Jive 7 add-on. The add-on includes the Pokeshot///SmarterPath app as well as a purposeful place template for creating training-specific groups. We also simplified training set-up by adding learning elements that don’t have to be linked to a training path and that don’t require you to create an asset first. From now on, leaners can also comment on lessons, start a discussion or just give feedback on the lesson level. Last but not least, you can now generate an activity report to track what’s happening in all your training paths.

You’ll find more information about Pokeshot///SmarterPath on our website or on our Pokeshot///SMZ space in the Jive Community:
Pokeshot///SmarterPath Social Learning for Jive

Translation Manager

The Translation Manager for Jive is a must-have add-on for customers running Jive in either an internal multinational environment or a customer facing community with global reach. The time and cost saving tools add a host of advanced multilingual capabilities to your Jive environment. This includes simplifying translation and management of the UI text and editing labels and interface elements directly in the frontend. You also have the ability to translate Jive content into the users preferred language automatically and in real time, and you can create multiple language versions of documents and present the correct version to users based on their language settings. For example, if you run Jive in an international organization, you are likely to run into situations where content needs to be provided in different languages. In cases like these, the Translation Manager add-on from Pokeshot///SMZ is just the right tool for you. Find out what new features Translation Manager now offers you.

First of all, the Translation Manager add-on, which includes the i18n, multi-language content and automated translation plugins, is available in Jive 7. In addition, we improved our i18n plugin by implementing the following optimizations and features:

  • The “Go” button has been removed
  • You can now switch to a new language in the form by simply changing the language in the dropdown menu
  • Values for search or pagination will be kept
  • Key settings pop-up
  • Explicit cluster synchronization
  • Date of latest language export and modification
  • Export all languages:
  • Via the extended options there is now the possibility to export the properties files (including the customizations) for all languages (ZIP archive)

You’ll find more information about Translation Manager on our website or on our Pokeshot///SMZ space in the Jive Community:
i18n Translation Manager
Multi-Language Content
Automated Translation