Pokeshot appoints Sandra Brückner as Chief Product Officer

July 8, 2015

Pokeshot is pleased to announce the appointment of Sandra Brückner as its chief product officer, a position that puts her in charge of overseeing the company’s entire product division.

Since fall 2014, Sandra has led the technical and business development of SmarterPath. In her new role as added chief product officer, she will also be responsible for planning, ongoing development, support and customer communications.

Her outstanding work within the scope of several successful international projects in the field of social business has shown that she is not only adept at planning and managing product development activities, but is also capable of building positive customer relations and thereby ensuring positive product results.

During her prior consulting activity at Pokeshot, Sandra headed up the strategic and business development of various community management topics and product areas (e.g. social learning). For her achievements in this regard, Jive, the world’s leading enterprise social software company, named her a Social Business Thought Leader in the field of community management. Sandra is also an opinion shaper on issues related to social learning through her work on our SmarterPath product.

Her extensive experience in the world of social software, plus her business, organizational and technical expertise, made the appointment of Sandra Brückner as chief product officer a natural and logical decision.