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Social Media Consulting

For most businesses, social media is just having a presence on Facebook. But what about your customers? Do they use only one social channel? Probably not, because most people today are active on lots of other social media besides Facebook, such as Twitter, YouTube and Google+. Additionally, it’s key to know what’s being said about your company on the social web. Successful social media efforts require an integrated strategy and integrated implementation. You can count on the social media experts at Pokeshot to help you achieve just that.


Our Social Media Portfolio

Pokeshot realizes that a social media strategy does not stand on its own – it is integrated into your company’s existing business and marketing strategies. In collaborative full-day workshops, we will help you map out a social media strategy that is tailored to your unique needs, thus providing a basis for the development and implementation of specific measures.

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Patrick Fähling

Head of Consulting


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