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Change Management & User Enabling

At the heart of every successful change or organizational initiative lies a well thought out management strategy.
Not having one would be like boarding a plane that wasn’t inspected for safety and whose destination was unknown.
Experienced change management consultants at Pokeshot will help you successfully implement your social business suite.

Our Change Management Approach

In collaborative workshops, we will develop a change management strategy based on your organizational culture. The strategy will spell out concrete measures that will enable your organization to transition from its current state to its desired future state. Our consulting team will provide a wide range of advice and assistance, leveraging a wealth of expertise gained from other change projects. We will also help you with implementation and training where needed.

Further information

Change Management Packages
Change Management Flyer

Social Business Management offers much more!

Within our Social Business Management Suite we also offer Digital Workplace & Social Intranet
and Customer Community Management Services.



Martina Matas

Digital Workplace & Learning Consultant


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