Smart Solution for Services & Sales

For your business it is imperative to:

  • Provide optimal service to your customers.
  • Field workers need fast mobile access to customer-information, orders, machine-data, spare parts and repair instructions for effective and efficient mission preparation.
  • Malfunctions, repairs and maintenance operations must be resolved quickly and efficiently onsite.
  • to have easy, fast access to the distributed and ever-growing and changing information?
  • Documentation of service reports must be able to be carried out quickly and easily.

With our solution, we ensure that your service engineers:

  • become productive more quickly (Onboarding)
  • receive the necessary knowledge to solve problems faster when onsite (Knowledge-Management)
  • are trained and qualified easily (Learning-Management)
  • workload is reduced (Customer Self-Service)
  • knowledge remains in the company when they leave the company (Offboarding)
  • generate revenue through upsale and crosssale (Up- und Cross-Sale)

Demographic change presents a challenge:

  • because many experienced employees are currently and soon will be retiring.
  • But their experience and their knowledge must be preserved for your business!
  • New employees are hard to find and are usually less qualified. They need to be trained further qualified, as they are lacking experience.

For your company, this means:

  • New employees are trained more quickly
  • Significant savings for further qualification
  • Increase the quality of work
  • Faster problem solving
  • More problems and tasks can be solved by level 1 personnel and the number of second assignments is reduced.
  • Fewer Level2 personnel required

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