SmarterPath – Smart Workplace Learning

September 17, 2018

Many companies are increasingly asking themselves how tool enabling can also be supported with technologies. Our answer: SmarterPath.



What is SmarterPath? 

SmarterPath is a digital workplace solution that combines the functions and content of an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) with those of a Learning Management System (LMS), making modern working and learning at the workplace more efficient and effective. Employees can access it through their ESN or Office 365 so they don’t have to leave their daily work environment. 

Based on the 70:20:10 model, SmarterPath is a tool that strengthens any form of performance support and knowledge management. Through defined paths and reporting, learning structured content (the 10%) is possible and comprehensible (reporting). Effective learning is social, and it’s achieved by learning from and with each other (the 20%,) it is significantly improved with SmarterPath. It has been proven several times that the acceptance of learning through the exchange with peers and colleagues is significantly higher than with institutionally and instructionally given content. The 70%, learning from our own experiences, is also actively supported by SmarterPath. Information and contacts are integrated and made available in the form of wizards in communities and work processes so that users have access to relevant, important and necessary information throughout the work process. The option to discuss with colleagues in every path, also through wizards, actively supports common learning and knowledge sharing as a social process. 




What is the customer’s situation? What is the need? 

Many companies have an intranet with rarely used knowledge and information. Keyword: “knowledge cemeteries”. Learning management systems can’t keep up with constant developments. In the context of a modern digital workplace, the solution consists of bringing together the requirements, processes and resources and integrating information quickly and directly into work processes, as well as achieving knowledge where it is needed and applied. 


What are quintessential and value-adding uses for customers? 

  • Onboarding new employees in the work environment and the Enterprise Social Network (ESN). Employees are guided through the real working environment (tools, ESN, information) and assume their role in the company quickly and directly. 
  • Introduction of new systems: In three stages, employees are comprehensively guided and become productive quickly. 
    • Awareness: Why use a new system? e.g. Office 365 
    • Adoption: What does this mean for me? What are the advantages? 
    • Application: How do the new processes and tools work? 
  • Many companies depend on the sale of products and services. SmarterPath is the ESN integrated tool to keep sales, marketing and service staff up to date. They’ll retain necessary knowledge and competence to increase performance in their divisions. 
  • Project groups should become familiar with all of the essential information at the project start by having quick access to all materials which accelerates processes and paves the way for further success. 



What features does SmarterPath have? 

SmarterPath is an ESN (Office 365/JIVE) integrated app that can be installed from the marketplace and includes the following features: 

  • User management: User, Creator, Admin 
  • Guidelines/ Reporting 
  • 13 predefined paths (Wizards) 

SmarterPath uses a company’s existing user directory (Azure Cloud) and is therefore subject to the basic European data protection regulation. 


What are the benefits of integrating SmarterPath? 

The main difference and advantage of SmarterPath over other systems is the effective and efficient use of knowledge and information that already exists to increase performance at the workplace. Integration into Office 365 results in very low administration and running costs. Internal users are already present in the company’s existing user directory, thus avoiding additional interfaces, developments or data stocks. SmarterPath does not require any elaborate implementation but can be used immediately. Companies directly amortize their corporate knowledge, improve and accelerate processes in collaboration and promote innovation through the increasing competence of their employees.



About the Author


Raimund Bernhardt supports the Pokeshot team as Social Business and Workplace Learning Consultant. He has many years of experience in consulting, conception and management of digital training projects and extensive expertise in change processes and knowledge management. With this background, his ambition  is that the digital workplace brings benefits and added value for everyone!