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November 8, 2017

We are very proud to announce the launch of our modern workplace learning solution SmarterPath for Microsoft O365.


SmarterPath Benefits

Studies have shown that how people acquire knowledge can be broken down in the following way:

  • 70% through experiential activity
  • 20% through exchange with others
  • 10% through structured, formal programs

SmarterPath is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that connects social collaboration components with your employees’ daily work as well as their knowledge acquisition processes. As the Office 365 community continues to grow, there is a greater and greater need to structure knowledge and facilitate diversity. While vendors with traditional systems focus mainly on the 10% part of the 70:20:10 model, SmarterPath enables organizations to address the entire spectrum of learning activities. It is fully integrated into your Office 365 community’s work environment and allows users to continuing working with a familiar toolset – plus there is no need to change systems. Knowledge acquisition via SmarterPath doesn’t just consist of stringing learning content together – it enriches this content by providing context-relevant information from the entire community. As a result, learning stops being a one-off event and becomes an ongoing experience.


SmarterPath Success Stories

Released in Q1/2015 and today used by numerous organizations around the world with workforces ranging from 300 to 150,000 employees, SmarterPath covers use cases such as onboarding, sales enablement, customer service enhancement, and change management. SmarterPath is already available for Jive users. Have a look at some of our success stories here:


You can find all the success stories in this playlist on our YouTube channel.


SmarterPath in the Office 365 Universe

SmarterPath now lets you create intelligent learning experiences – so-called smarter paths – by connecting content, documents, and even persons from a whole host of systems (SharePoint, Teams, Delve, Stream, YouTube, external websites, Exchange, and more).

Our CPO Sandra Brückner explained exactly how that works at the #DPK17, Microsoft’s largest partner conference in Europe (german):


Also, take a look at our “Onboarding in O365 with SmarterPath” Webinar. Here our colleague Kerstin Schachinger explains how SmarterPath is integrated into O365 and how you can use it to improve onboarding in your organization.


A Closer look at SmarterPath

Creation of paths in O365 by connecting persons, content, and locations


Working through paths in O365 (here’s a video from Stream)


Integration and discussion in teams


SmarterPath Roadmap

We plan to integrate SmarterPath into Yammer by January 2018, in order to make it possible to easily share and discuss paths (just like Teams) as well as individual components (e.g., Steps). We are also looking into employing chat bots in Teams. This would enable users to ask questions like “Where can I find information about the last sales training?”, to which the bot would answer “Look at this path.” In Q1/2018 we will additionally delve into the integration of Sway content and the use of OneNote in trainings.


About the author:

Sandra Brückner, who studied business informatics at the Technical University of Dresden, has worked as social business consultant since 2012. She joined the Berlin-based social business consultancy and technology provider Pokeshot in the beginning of 2014 and has served for more than two years as Chief Product Officer for all products.




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