SmarterPath Release 2.2 – Search integration & SCORM completion

April 10, 2017

At a Chinese wedding it is traditional to honor seng hei – “double happiness” – as a way to celebrate the belief that all good things come in pairs. This month we invite you to celebrate the SmarterPath Release 2.2 with us! Several pairs of updates and major changes are explained below.

Jive Search integration

During our entire working day most of us use Jive search all the time when looking for information. To help users to save time on searching for courses we brought the integration of our solution with Jive platform on to a different level. Now in your general Jive search users can find SmarterPath courses by searching for the course name, description or tags. For this integration you need to add an activity tile to one of your groups or spaces. Make sure to only add this tile once to your entire community. What else do you need to take care of? Please read these instructions carefully.

In order to make use of this integration we need to update your add-on package. Please contact

Automatic update of user data

People come and go, get promoted or married – all those changes create additional workload for busy administrators to go through a manual update process in multiple systems. We wanted to improve effectiveness of users and minimise time spent on manual tasks. We integrated an automation process for updating a user’s data as soon as it gets changed in his/her Jive profile. The following user data is saved in SmarterPath: first name, last name, display name, primary email address and department (if set up).

Reporting improvements

Since we implemented our new reporting section late last year we continue to improve it. Now anyone who has access to the reporting section will be able to save individual reports. This will give you easier access to reports that have to be run on a regular basis.

Additionally all users that have the SmarterPath role Creator will only get reports for their own courses. Reports by learner are only visible to Administrators.

SCORM completion check

For some organisations it’s important to track the progress within SCORM type lessons especially if it’s around compliance, safety or security training. It wasn’t easy but now it’s possible. After users mark a SCORM lesson as complete the system will check the actual completion status. If an elearning module contains the right values then this process will confirm completion. (Please note: this process takes some time to complete in the background.) If the check fails then user’s lesson completion will be reset and he/she will be notified in his/her inbox to finish the SCORM lesson completely.


Reminder from Release 2.1: To make sure a user takes his/her time to finish the SCORM properly you can enter times when a user is able to mark this lesson as complete. So if you have a SCORM without the completion value you can choose this option to make sure learners do not just skip over this lesson.

Validation of Assets

When uploading an external asset there is a validation check to determine if this format is supported by SmarterPath. Also, the Asset table lists the format of the content item so you can easily sort by content type.


Minor changes and bug fixes:

  • All SmarterPath users only have one user role (User, Creator, Administrator) – each role contains rights of the previous
  • Instructor view: session start date is corrected
  • Rewards get properly sent again: please deactivate and activate your rewards in SmarterPath (Administration > Rewards > “Settings wheel” > Deactivate > ok > Activate > ok)
  • Firefox issue:
    • Deleting lessons is fixed
    • User interface for lesson status in learner view is fixed
  • Internet Explorer issue:
    • Typing text in asset fields is functional again

Release 3.0 forecast

It´s getting to be Spring here at the SmarterPath factory in Germany! That means it’s the perfect time to give SmarterPath a fresh coat of paint. The forecast for the upcoming SmarterPath 3.0 release predicts a new look and feel just in time for JiveWorld17!