Social Business Arena @ CeBIT

March 19, 2014

CebitThe Social Business Arena (#cebitsba), the conference and networking area for social business and collaboration professionals at the CeBIT tech fair, was held for the first time this year. Kicking off on March 10, the new event featured a two-day open conference that examined topics like cultural change, change management, social analytics, and the digital workplace of the future. The conference also included informative and inspiring keynote presentations from leaders at international companies. For example, Adam Mertz, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Jive Software, gave a talk on “How companies are winning with disruptive social technology.”

“Social business is more than just Facebook for companies.”

Pokeshot///SMZ also took part in the conference with our partner Jive Software. We shared our thoughts and insights in a “fireside chat” about social learning management and in an expert panel that tackled the topic of measuring success of a social business initiative. And it was a very rewarding two days – in addition to our enriching experience as speakers and panelists, we gained fresh perspectives on social business practices and strategies, and had many interesting follow-up discussions after the sessions.

“German businesses have made considerable progress in the area of social business, but still need to be more daring.”

The expert discussions at the Social Business Arena, on and beyond the conference stage, provided a good idea of what major developments will be forthcoming in this field in the near future. One of the main takeaways from the numerous talks was that greater emphasis must be placed on cultural change.

“Connecting internal and external communities is the next step that social businesses must take.”

Every company that is working toward becoming a “connected company” has to go through a process of cultural change. The technology used to make this transition is just a means to the end. Making life easier for your employees and your customers is a real possibility. All that a company needs to do is adopt the right mindset and the right company culture – its own unique culture.

“The social business strategy is the prerequisite for being able to measure social collaboration ROI.”

To learn more about the Social Business Arena @ CeBIT, from blog articles to program details to speaker and panelist information, go to or watch again the expert panel “Determining the value of social collaboration ROI”, where we attended .