Business Consulting at Pokeshot – A Quick Recap and Status Quo

January 22, 2015

Photo Pokeshot Consulting


For almost two years now, Pokeshot has been offering consulting services in the areas of social business and digitalization, with an emphasis on social intranets, external communities, gamification, software evaluation and social learning. The focus is not on the individual activities themselves but rather  everything that goes into making a social business initiative successful. From the initial idea and strategic review to project conception and feasibility analysis all the way to technology implementation and roll-out, the business consulting team provides guidance throughout with entire social business journey – while always keeping an eye on client objectives and requirements.

The idea behind establishing an in-house consulting team was to provide Pokeshot’s clients with even better service and support when introducing social business technologies, thus closing the gap between client requirements on the one side and the technology implementation on the other.

By taking a very technology-oriented approach to consulting, Pokeshot is now able to provide technology-independent – and thus unbiased – guidance and advice. In the early phases of a social business or community initiative it is especially important to have a neutral perspective that favors no particular technology. Later roll-out phases center on topics such as change management and adoption and acceptance in which people (employees, customers, partners), while here technology takes more of a back seat.

Recent projects and client inquiries have shown that these topics are becoming increasingly important. Thus last year Pokeshot was able to carry out a host of consulting projects that focused not on a specific technology itself but rather on the selection of the most suitable technology or on social business reviews, community management concepts, gamification techniques, performance indicators and use cases.

Pokeshot’s consulting team has also observed a stronger trend toward topic and use case-oriented solutions. In other words, its clients have not asked for Jive, IBM, Microsoft, etc., but rather about a solution for a topic such as social learning, innovation management or customer support. That is exactly what led Pokeshot, at the end of last year, to pool its offerings around social learning. This relieves clients from having to be concerned primarily with technology while enabling them to look for solutions to their specific business requirements and problems in the area of modern learning.

It is precisely this consulting and solution-driven way of thinking that has allowed Pokeshot to create added value for its clients. Clients have a fairly good idea what challenges they face, but before they have to find and put together all the different pieces from the big, wide world of social business, Pokeshot takes care of this preliminary work through its rigorous consulting and solution methodology and thus provides immediate and tangible added value.

In 2015 Pokeshot will continue to take this approach while further evolving its range of consulting services – in line with its motto “Enabling You to Become a Successful Social Business.”