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Automated Translation

If you use Jive in an international organization, you are likely to run into situations
where content needs to be provided in different languages. With Automated Translation you have
the ability to translate Jive content in real-time.



  • Enjoy real-time translation capabilities for all Jive content, overview pages and activity streams
  • Administrators can control allowed languages and available functionalities
  • Simplify the creation of multilingual documents using automated translations or even display content on the fly
  • Supported translation services: Google Translator, Microsoft Translation, LionBridge GeoFluent

Further information

Multi-Language Brochure

Translation Management offers much more!

Within our Translation Management Suite we also offer Easy-UI-Editing
and Multi-Language Content for your Jive community.




Raimund Bernhardt

Social Business & Learninig Consultant


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