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Multi-Language Content

If you use Jive in an international organization, you are likely to run into situations where content
needs to be provided in different languages. Our multi-language documents and announcements allow you to address this scenario.
Users are presented with the right version of a document based on their language.
Announcements can be targeted at different audiences based on language and location.



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Patrick van der Hyde, Tableau Software

Patrick Van Der Hyde, Support Community Manager at Tableau Software is talking about why they are using Pokeshot Translation Manager within their external community and how it helped them to easily provide multi-language content.


  • Offers different translations of a single document
  • Show correct version to user based on their language settings
  • Announcements can be targeted to different audiences based on language and location, even on a global scale
  • Mature and battle-tested tool that was originally developed for a public Jive community with one million-plus members

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Multi-Language Brochure

Translation Management offers much more!

Within our Translation Management Suite we also offer Easy-UI-Editing
and Automated Translation Services for your Jive community.




Raimund Bernhardt

Social Business & Learninig Consultant


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