Video – Development of Add-ons for Jive 7

December 11, 2013

A little over a month ago, our colleagues Stephan Müller-Ziebur, Nils Heuer and Christoph Rauhut went to Las Vegas, to represent Pokeshot/SMZ as a sponsor at JiveWorld13.

Besides the keynotes and a myriad of great sessions, we found the JiveTalks format quite interesting. One of the tracks was the JiveTalks: Developer one where our colleague and Co-Founder of Pokeshot///SMZ Nils Heuer held a presentation together with Patrick Li (AppFusions) and Subbu Natarajan (Accenture). Take a moment to hear from them what it takes to build integrations in the Jive Platform that are easy to maintain and future proof. This session will highlight those who are making use of Jive’s new purposeful places to deliver powerful solutions that drive real results. Among others the last slot (Min. 28:00) of Nils is very interesting in terms of solving real world problems for engineers and development managers and how learning management is being transformed through collaboration. One of the great challenges of building integrations for a platform like Jive is to avoid repeating the mistakes that were made in many traditional portal projects. Nils explains how we approach this problem with our solutions.

If you are interested in learning about the latest integrations with Jive and our partners, then this presentation is for you!

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