SmarterPath 3.1.1 – It’s about the Path, not the Course

August 15, 2017

One of the best things about being a part of the Pokeshot team is interacting with clients and co-workers from around the world. From different ideas and new perspectives, to different holidays and different traditions, to moments where things get a little stuck when communication is lost in translation, the “story” of the work day is made that much more interesting!

Our SmarterPath story is one of helping you to think about and do learning differently, a message whose meaning is clear regardless of your native language. Research shows that the majority of what people know is the result of experiential learning. With its connection to your social business environment, where people are interacting and getting work done, SmarterPath allows you to extract, conserve, up-cycle and publish that dynamic content in a way that is not possible in a fixed course. In support of this story – and because we know that modern knowledge acquisition is more of a flexible path through different content types – we will update the keywords used in our 3.1.1 release.
For example:

  • to reflect the fact that acquiring knowledge is not an event or a defined set of interactions, a course is now a path
  • we love the idea of bringing knowledge and information to the next level by up-cycling our customer’s content in milestones and steps rather than modules and lessons
  • to indicate that user-generated content and peer-to-peer connections are key to helping people apply what they’ve learned, learner is now participant

For your reference, these and other wording changes are listed below in German, English and French:

 English German French
 Course –> Path  Kurs –> Pfad Cours –> Chemins
 Module –> Milestone  Modul –> Meilenstein Module –> Étape
 Lesson –> Step  Lektion –> Schritt Leçon –> Pas
 ILT –> Live Training  Präsenzschulung –> Live-Training Cours dispensés par des enseignants –> Formation en direct
 Exam –> Quiz  Examen –> Quiz Examen –> Quiz
 Learner goals –> Objectives  Lernziele –> Ziele Objectifs pédagogiques –> Objectifs
Learner –> Participants  Teilnehmer –> Teilnehmer Participant –> Participant

While word choice is simply the place to start, we look forward to contributing to the rest of your SmarterPath journey!

Further important information for you for the 3.1.1 SmarterPath Release:

Written by Stan Jeffress, Pokeshot GmbH

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