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Digitalization & Social Intranet

A Social Business initiative to support your internal communication processes consists of several elements.
The wide spectrum of tasks ranges from a strategic concept and implementation
to user engagement and success measurement.

We at Pokeshot can offer you a strategic framework to help you to establish a social business platform.

Our Social Business Roadmap

From identifying use cases, to engaging your employees, to helping you implement a social business tool for your internal needs, the experts at Pokeshot will help guide you through the development of a customized digital workplace and social intranet concept. Leveraging our extensive experience in employee and customer communities, we have devised a strategic framework that gives you insight into what is important for implementing a social business tool.

It is always good to have a plan in order to: gain supporters for your idea, be well prepared for the following phases and get the best out of your situation.
The requirements have to undergo a feasibility review and the general framework has to be clarified.
It is about understanding the environment and the need for the technology. It is important to have a look at the people and the organization as well.
To be successful you have to create the right mindset in terms of social business.


  • Establishing a common understanding of social intranets
  • Identification and implementation of use cases
  • Communication advice for implementation
  • Setting up Social Intranet guidelines
  • Identification of Key User
  • Basic and Advanced training for Key User
  • Ongoing business support related to Jive-related topics
  • Regular review and recommendations for improvement

Further information

Digital Workplace Packages
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Social Business Management offers much more!

Within our Social Business Management Suite we also offer Customer Community Management
and Change Management Services.



Martina Matas

Digital Workplace & Learning Consultant


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