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The Challenge

Avnet was looking for a solution which would save time and cost associated with building training. They wanted one place to go for their users where they should be able to find the information and resources they need. By increasing usability and reducing complexity, Avnet was looking into increasing operational effectiveness by minimizing time of a user spent on familiarizing her/himself with the tool and learning content.

Onboarding at Avnet

With Pokeshot SmarterPath, Avnet was able to combine web based trainings that users can go through at their own pace with social interaction and less structured learning, making something happen that we call “social learning”. SmarterPath enables managing individual courses or curricula with modules and tests with integrated flexible reporting, as well as community based learning.

Employee Enablement at Avnet

Avnet uses SmarterPath to train their teams. They have over 100 courses for different verticals and solution areas. A dozen of separate sites were eliminated which they were using to provide training content. This is focusing their efforts in one site to structure existing knowledge and manage the content appropriately, reduce time and cost associated with maintenance of multiple dispersed systems and it also makes for a better user experience.


Gamification elements such as badges and the opportunity to collect points motivate employees using SmarterPath within their daily work. Moreover, one gets incentives to try out various courses which is how SmarterPath supports the natural process of lifelong learning through curiosity and enhance the collective knowledge of the team.


Employees benefit from special incentives through gamification elements such as collecting points and earning badges.


New employees have the chance to develop new skills they need on the job at their own pace through a combination of structured web based trainings and social collaboration.

Employee Enablement

Sales teams get the opportunity to use one solution to access their trainings in the use of applications and IT solutions.

“We looked a number of other products, but what we liked about SmarterPath was that it is very well integrated in Jive, is easy for our customers to use, and meets all of our requirements while offering the potential for future feature sets” – Pete Rendek, Digital Marketing Manager



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