Changing the Context:
Combining Compliance, Communication and Community

Sammons Enterprises
Various (Financial Services, Industrial Equipment, etc.)
Use Case
Employee Enablement, Compliance Training, Onboarding

The Challenge

One of the largest private companies in the U.S., Sammons Enterprises has to implement solutions that are seamlessly scalable across a diverse set of organizations. Having implemented their ESN (Jive) several years earlier, Sammons wanted to enhance this ROI by providing compliance training and other HR functions using the same core platform. A key constraint, however, was the need for a tool that could be efficiently administered by a team of one!

The solution

As the only certified learning technology in Jive’s ecosystem, SmarterPath was on the short list of choices. With their plan in place right from the beginning, we partnered with Sammons to develop a new feature for SmarterPath that would allow them to launch with the replacement of a time-consuming, manual HR process. With its easy-to-navigate user interface, employees were able to access SmarterPath and complete their tasks with little to no advance preparation and Sammons was able to capture, manage and share important data in a fraction of the time it took using their previous paper-based process.


While Sammons’ Jive environment was already well-socialized prior to the launch of SmarterPath, it was primarily used as a communications tool between Sammons and the different companies they own. Since using SmarterPath, engagement metrics have increased significantly, with a clear relationship between the release of a path and the level of engagement in the community. These early use cases are great examples of how Jive + SmarterPath can meet operational needs while also addressing learning and development and knowledge management functions.

For example, because it’s deployed in the same environment where teams are already working, questions, answers, related information and subject matter experts are all part of an integrated, combined effort that Sammons uses to support their employee’s performance.

One single tool

Training opportunities are embedded in the same system used for collaboration.

Extensive library

SmarterPath includes an extensive library of resources and training materials.

Knowledge retention

In SmarterPath employees can work on the same document, save knowledge and collaborate with each other.

“Working with the team at Pokeshot, we were able to leverage the SmarterPath tool to enhance our employee training and data collection strategy. The flexibility of the tool and the willingness of our account management and engineering team have allowed us to get maximum value from our investment in SmarterPath.”
– Christine Anderson, Director Corporate Communications and Marketing



Increase in the number of users

consuming existing content.


Increase in the number of users

contributing to existing content.


Increase in the number of users

posting/editing content.



Christian Müller

Customer Success Officer


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