Intranet 2.0

2015 to 2017
automotive and industrial supplier
Social Intranet
Jive 8/9

The Challenge

With over 86,000 employees and approximately 170 locations in more than 50 countries, Schaeffler is one of the world’s largest automotive and industrial suppliers. Their goals for an “Intranet 2.0” were:

  • provide a centralized information system and knowledge repository
  • be a tool for collaboration and communication
  • give efficient access to applications and processes (in the context of an intranet and collaboration)
  • create a culture of open feedback and active networking
  • improve / simplify the search
  • align with Schaeffler’s organisational structure

Schaeffler´s previous Solution

  • mainly static content with no interaction
  • almost no opportunities for exchanging ideas and networking with colleagues
  • weak search functions (e.g. finding contact persons or experts)
  • old fashioned web design and non-responsive layout

Their existing intranet (CMS) solution allowed them to upload content and initiate discussions but it did not provide basic features such as social interactions, team collaboration and a structured knowledge repository.

The Solutions

Given Schaeffler’s global presence, they needed to replace their inflexible solution with a modern toolset that would allow employees throughout their international locations to connect, collaborate and communicate. We built a central platform for information, communication and collaboration using a Jive-based social intranet called “Schaeffler CONNECT”, where all employees are able to create content in multiple languages.
Schaeffler’s new solution now includes a combination of editorial content and user-generated content under the following categories:

Central Communication

The establishment of internal communication channels for news of all kinds.

Department Storefront

Sites where each department can manage, publish and share official and public content.

Knowledge Management & Team Collaboration

Individual collaboration groups to work together effectively as a project team.


The global rollout is taking place step-by-step as the different areas are moved from the old intranet to the new one. As a sign that creating Schaeffler CONNECT was the right decision, user adoption continues to increase even while the transition is in-process.

With a single, centralized point of entry and the rapid dissemination of information, all employees are kept constantly updated and equally informed.


  • By establishing a Jive expert group Schaeffler was able to direct technical support issues away from the IT team.
  • Due to Jive’s flexibility, Schaeffler CONNECT is able to reflect the company’s matrix structure.
  • The employees have noticeably easier, faster and a more purposeful access to higher levels of information.
  • Schaeffler CONNECT has become the platform for connecting culture and knowledge management.



Registered Users

since January 2017.



available for trainings.



within 3 months.

Further Functions

Besides providing a noticeably easier, faster and more purposeful access to higher levels of information to the employees, Schaeffler CONNECT has more to offer:

  • public/private groups
  • social functionalities: commenting, liking, sharing
  • online magazine video gallery
  • responsive support
  • discussion and collaboration


Concept & Build-up Phase

Intensive and early involvement
of users and pilots

Pilot Phase

Development of scenarios and implementation of blueprints

Global Roll-Out

Phased roll-out starting in early 2017

“The Pokeshot team showed us that content distribution and social interaction must go hand in hand on a social intranet platform. With Schaeffler CONNECT they developed a platform which will open up a world of opportunities for Schaeffler employees regarding information, communication and collaboration. It is already a great experience to see the positive changes within the departments in this early stage of the rollout – thanks to the whole Pokeshot Team for turning this mission into reality.” – Peter Agha Ebrahim, LT. Unternehmenskommunikation New Media



Raimund Bernhardt

Social Business & Learninig Consultant


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