A short analogy about how working in the L&D department feels like these days

January 18, 2018

Have you already read Christian Müllers article The Learning JEDI vs. the “Bogan”?

We think working in the L&D sector often feels exactly like you are fighting against windmills. Müller is describing that working in the L&D market focused on workplace integrated digital learning, he sometimes feels like a JEDI. He needs all his power to avoid companies to have their employees and partners be torn to the “dark side of the force”, or as it is called “Bogan” in Wookieepedia.

He also writes: “The dark side of the force in L&D is for instance represented by the “let us do training and teach employees like it was done in school”. The addiction and hanging on to traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) with the focus on “managing training and resources” is another way I feel the dark force negatively influences the performance. It is top-down and enforced most of the time and plans to “clone” employees to match job profile, just like the Galactic Empire cloning warriors. Talking about clones: Most of standard eLearnings are built to be done by clones and their effect on real individual humans is close to zero and the “likes” are often below zero.”

Read the whole article here.


Christian Müller then initiated a group on LinkedIn and Xing which is called “The Learning J.E.D.I.” where everyoe is invited to “Just Engaging Development Ideas” to help each other benefit from the “light side of the force”.

I his group description he writes “As learning in the workplace continuously changes, strongly depends on learning from each other and learning by doing. “The Learning J.E.D.I.” believe in fun, interactive, impactful and also, where needed, disruptive ideas and performance driving methods to make the daily work more effective and less stressful.”


So, join the Learning Rebels and fight “the dark side of the force” in the “Galaxy of Learning Stagnation” and exchange “rebellish” ideas!

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  1. Cool! I have already joined the Learning J.E.D.I. – Group on LinkedIn! Thanks for this article!

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