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Community Management

Use Case: Customer Community

Nowadays, capturing the attention of your customers is more complicated than ever. On the one hand, prospective customers are more flexible and use new channels to get acquainted with companies they are interested in. If your company can’t adapt to these new circumstances, it won’t be able to get customers to take notice of it. You will be only one of many brands. But there are also other challenges, including how to identify customers, how to engage them, how to integrate their ideas into company processes and how to manage their relationships with your organization.

Our solution

Be aware of this new kind of customer and implement self-service based on a focused, purposeful and achievable cross-channel service strategy. You can integrate your external community with your internal systems, and by monitoring or even participating in these tools, you’ll be able to stay in touch with your customers and create a self-adjusting community where users support each other with minimum help from your staff. In this way, you are providing your customers with an environment where they can both say what’s on their mind and receive assistance from you or other users.

Benefits and KPIs

Our experience in this area allows us to help improve the following key performance indicators of your organization:

  • Ratio of customers on other channels to customers on the platform
  • Amount of data collected on users
  • Number of social groups
  • Number of platform members

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN External Community?

We implemented an external community for a leading sports manufacturer. This company had developed a new device to log detailed data about the exercise workouts of their customers. To build customer loyalty, it was essential to provide support when the device malfunctioned and when customers needed help operating the device. It was also important to provide a channel where customers could find answers to general questions and exchange information with other customers. Our customized customer community now makes it possible for users to visualize their workout data, challenge others who also have the device and form groups within the community to share experiences they’ve had with the brand and the device. What’s more, customers are able to answer one another’s questions and are provided a channel besides Facebook to get in touch with the brand.

Use Case: Customer Collaboration Enablement

Not only are there often language barriers in international companies when they try to start a conversation with their customers, but also when customers and the company are based in one country. This complicates communication because everybody does not speak a common language. Important details get lost because of the inability to understand certain information, such as discussion comments or a research report. The result: Collaboration is neither efficient nor readily possible.

Our Solution: Translation Management

The Translation Management unifies all functionalities needed for translation and language support in Jive, thus allowing a global audience to understand your content. Users are presented with the right version of a document based on their language settings, plus a translation service that translates all texts in Jive into the desired language within seconds. What’s more, the add-on simplifies the creation of multilingual documents using automated translations or even displaying content in the desired language on the fly.

The Benefits & KPIs

Our experience in this area allows us to help improve the following key performance indicators of your organization:

  • Usage of real time translation
  • Percentage of documents available in more than one language
  • Amount of UI customization

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