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Jive Consulting

Pokeshot is a software consultancy and technology provider that specializes in customizing Jive Engage,
formerly known as Jive Forum, Jive Clearspace or Jive SBS, so that it meets all your organization’s requirements.

With over eight years’ experience in developing diverse and complex Jive-based solutions,
we are capable of providing a wide range Jive Software services. Over the years we have developed
techniques to improve the upgradeability of our plugins, thus giving our clients a distinct advantage –
they will need significantly less time and resources to migrate the plugins when performing the next Jive upgrade.

Walter Gildersleeve, Jive Software

Walter Gildersleeve, Senior Engineering Manager, Solution Architect, EMEA at Jive Software, about Pokeshots knowledge in the Jive architecture.

Jive Services

  • Creation of custom designs (themes)
  • Internationalization
  • Integration or adaptation of Jive widgets or plugins
  • Modification of existing Jive use cases (workflows, functions) to meet your requirements
  • Development of new Jive content types
  • Configuration of a connection to your organization’s external systems such as LDAP, SSO, CMS, CRM, SAP, mainframe/hosts or other in-house legacy systems
  • Jive developer and admin training

  • Automated testing and release management (Cobertura, Jenkins, Nexus, etc.)
  • Automated delivery and deployment into your organization’s hosting environment
  • Set-up and maintenance of continuous integration as well as automated testing and release management (Jenkins, Nexus, etc.)

Consulting Services offers much more!

Within our Consulting Services Suite we also offer Technology Consulting
and Social Media Consulting Services.



Martina Matas

Digital Workplace & Learning Consultant


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